Peterson Design Studio is a complete graphic design production studio, designing with the customer in mind, ensuring your production or service appeals to new and current customers. We believe in clean, fresh and innovative design that makes your business standout and be noticed.

Peterson Design Studio has built a reputation as Miami’s best resource for affordable, creative and effective design and advertising. Our commitment to quality and client satisfaction is unmatched and unwavering. Great design and marketing should only appear expensive without actually crushing your budget. Having a great design and advertising partner is smart and effective. Having a company that can save you money is just common sense.

Website Graphic Design

In today’s age web presence is everything.  If you are looking for presence on the web or you need to upgrade your existing site, we are exactly what you are looking for.  We believe, that in order to achieve online success, you must have an up-to-date website design that provides visitors with a memorable first impression of your organization. Need a custom design that will blow your competition away? We can create a variety of designs that will exceed  your expectations.

Print Media Graphic Design

Print collateral development is essential to a smart marketing plan. Our design team can help you stand out in a crowd.  You need to excite the senses of your target audience. This means using high-quality images and graphic arts in your print media, using innovative paper, attractive high-quality inks, and special coatings & glass-patterns (also called spot varnish). This is the only way to make your printed piece stunning and powerful enough to have a lasting impression and inspire your audience to action. Otherwise, your collateral will simply be discarded without a second glance

     In order to run a successful print marketing campaign and leave a positive impression on your target audience, you need exceptional collateral.
    Peterson Design Studio can design print media that fits your budget and still stands out, whether custom four-color run, or a simple one color run.

corporate brandingx2

Corporations around the world are increasingly becoming aware of the enhanced value that corporate branding strategies can provide for an organization. Branding in the classic sense is all about creating unique identities and positions for products and services.

At its most basic, corporate branding is a composite of all the experiences, encounters and perceptions a customer has with a company. It implies that all internal and external communications are aimed a presenting a single, unified message. The underlying motivator: to build trust in the company – not in a particular product or service.


Peterson Design Studio’s team of marketing professionals stand ready to craft your strategic marketing plan. We are passionate about strategic marketing and helping businesses to grow and thrive. Through our customized strategic marketing services we provide a comprehensive plan that will help your company rise above the competition and gain brand awareness.


When considering search engine optimization (SEO), we often consider the old adage “if a tree falls in the forest but nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Imagine that your website is a tree and the internet is the forest, if your website isn’t visible then in the eyes of your potential leads you don’t exist. This is especially true for small to medium sized businesses that need to get the word out there about their brand. For most small to medium size companies today, a website that generates quality leads is paramount to their business growth. Because of this, every aspect of your website, from your home page to your products/services pages and landing pages plays an important role. This is why you need our proven and reliable agency. Peterson Design Studio ensure that you are targeting the proper keywords and that you have them throughout your site.

Construction Claims & Trial Graphics

Trial graphics and illustrations significantly increase a jury’s understanding of complex information. Our Consultants and Designers understand the unique aspects of presentation in the courtroom, and how the right visual aid can make a difference in how a juror perceives the evidence. Due to years of experience and understanding what is successful, our team knows the colors, fonts, and the overall design of graphics and illustrations that best influence jurors at key moments during trial.

Trial Graphics and demonstrative evidence should aid in your storytelling of the case. The colors, content, size, and orientation of graphics should be consistent with the themes of the case. Graphics should communicate a simple message that is quickly and easily understood. Peterson Design Studio designers possess the imagination and skill to plan and construct visual aids that are not only creative, but are persuasive at trial.

The Process